Monday, September 10, 2012

Revolution on NBC

15 years after the blackout...Power is everything.
Chilling, right? It's the tagline for NBC's new show, Revolution. Because the show has been filming here in Wilmington, NC, they held a screening of the pilot episode (you can watch it now at I won tickets from one of our local radio stations, WGNI. My husband and I were very excited to check Revolution out. I thoroughly enjoyed the pilot episode. It is going to be a thought provoking show. We are so dependent on our technology that it's hard to imagine life without anything electrical. We are so connected that we forget there are people today in developing nations that don't have access to clean water, let alone technology. The show's executive producer is JJ Abrams who was one of the creatives behind LOST. It's inevitable that people will be looking for parallels between LOST and Revolution. Giancarlo Esposito, Captain Neville in Revolution, addressed that very question after the screening.

Yes! Much to our surprise and delight, three of Revolution's actors attended the screening. They were very generous and stayed after to answer questions. In addition to Mr. Esposito, Daniella Alonso and Graham Rogers were in attendance.  

Giancarlo Esposito talked for a bit about the film industry in Wilmington.

Graham Rogers answered a question from a young audience participant. 

And finally, Mr. Esposito was asked who would win if Revolution's Captain Neville and Breaking Bad's Gus Fring got into a fight.

Revolution is definitely not for younger children. Society has devolved to a place where violence is common. I will let my middle schooler watch if she's interested. I think it would create the opportunity for some interesting discussions.

The premiere of Revolution is September 17th at 10pm. For more information, check out the Revolution website.

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