Monday, December 1, 2008


I am trying to remember to be thankful. Thanksgiving (Fanks, Ty) is fantastic, but we should be remembering our blessings every day. I am not sure how I lucked into this funny life. I don't understand why I should be blessed in so many ways when there is so much suffering all over our world. There's a sentence that often follows here about how it isn't all sunshine and roses, and someone will often follow that with "everyone has their own cross to bear" but all of that sounds hollow to me. No, life isn't perfect. My house is usually a disaster, there are days when I feel like a failure as a parent and a wife, there are days when I feel so mean I am surprised that the dog and cat still want to follow me around (the other cat says "forget you woman") but still, I lead a life full of people, friendships, family and love. I am thankful for God who says, you are not going to understand. There will come a day when you will understand. But today, is not that day. You will have to wait. And so I wait. and I try to remember how fortunate I am, and put as much back into the world as I can.
Because I am thankful.