Friday, May 27, 2011

Food Bank Kids Summer Stock

food bank kids
I don't know about you, but I am so ready for summer. I am ready for my kids to be out of school and to have less of a rigid schedule. We have plans for vacations, the wedding of a wonderful friend, conferences to attend. We have so much to look forward to. Not everyone looks forward to summertime. In our area there are over 30,000 children who will not get three meals a day. Take a minute to let that digest. 30,000 children.
During the school year the majority of those children are served by our free or reduced cost breakfast and lunch programs. During the school year they can count on getting fed twice a day. During the school year. Now that school is almost out, a significant number of those children will be hungry. We are fortunate to have the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina serving our area. The Food Bank works diligently every summer to reduce the number of children going without meals. The Food Bank is wonderful but they cannot do it without our help.
kids summer stock
The Kids Summer Stock campaign tries to make sure that families have access to food. Over the past three years the Summer Stock program has provided over 4 million meals. The program will run from June 2nd until July 15th. The question I am hoping you are asking yourself is "how can I help?" and I have an answer for you.

  • Donate. Pick up a few extra things at the grocery store. See what staple goods are on sale and add a few to your cart for the Food Bank.
  • Hold a Food Drive Organize a food drive of your own. Reach out to summer camps, your church and your neighborhood. It's easier than you think to put one together!
  • Spread the Word I didn't realize the extent of the hunger problem until I got involved with the Food Bank. Get informed and tell people. Tell your neighbors, your Facebook friends and your Twitter friends.
sm mixer

One last thing you can do? If you are in the Wilmington, NC area you can join us next Thursday, June 2nd for a Social Media Mixer at Zoe's Kitchen in Mayfaire. The mixer will start at 6pm and go until 8pm, but if you eat at Zoe's anytime from 4pm to 9pm a percentage of your bill will go to the Kids Summer Stock program. If you bring food to donate, you will be given a raffle ticket. The Food Bank usually comes up with some fun prizes for their mixers! 
If you don't live in this area, please find out what you can do in your area. Unfortunately there are children going without meals all over our  country. We might not be able to solve some of the world's problems, but we can reduce the number of children without access to food. 

Images and information provided by the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. I am honored to serve as a Social Media Ambassador for the Food Bank CENC. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

OPI Silver Shatter Vlog

When OPI came out with their Shatter line of nail polish I was intrigued. I love the effect it leaves. I was thrilled when I saw that the Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides line had a Silver Shatter and decided to try it. There is a reason I will pay good money for a manicure. I can do an acceptable job with my nails but it is far far far from perfect. With that warning in place, here is my attempt at using the Shatter product.

I was in no way compensated for this post, I just like the product!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Muppets are Coming!

THE MUPPET Teaser One-Sheet

Pirates, Schmirates. The movie I am incredibly curious about right now? The Muppets. The last Muppet theater release was eleven years ago!! The new movie stars the Muppets, Jason Segal, Amy Adams and Chris Cooper. Segal not only stars in the movie but he cowrote it and is an executive producer. I love Jason Segal's work so I am interested to see what he does with the Muppets.  The movie opens November 23rd, the day before Thanksgiving. To keep up with the Muppets you can go to their Disney website, their Facebook page, or you can follow Muppets Studio on Twitter.

Since I have to wait until November for the Muppets, I am going to see Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides this weekend!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean ~ On Stranger Tides ~ with a Giveaway!

Jack Sparrow

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that the latest installment in DIsney's Pirates of the Caribbean series is opening on May 20th. Johnny Depp returns to the role that seems to be custom made for him as Captain Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides." I am so excited for this movie to come out. When the first movie, "The Curse of the Black Pearl" came out, my kids were much younger and didn't appreciate the ghost pirates so much. Now the whole family is excited to see what is going to happen next. I am excited to see if Penelope Cruz holds her own with Depp, (I think she is more than up to that challenge!)

I don't do a lot of giveaways but I have so many friends who LOVE the Pirates movies that I couldn't pass this one up. The prizes are an adult "On Stranger Tides" T-shirt (size s-m-l or xl), a black bandanna and two temporary tattoos. 

pirates shirt
pirate bandanna
pirate tattoo

Entry is going to be EASY. To enter this giveaway, add one comment below in "pirate speak." Throw in a few Arrrghs and Mateys and you are entered once in the giveaway. The winner will be announced here, on the blog, on Tuesday May 17th at noon.

You want to enter more than once? Here's how, follow this blog either by email subscription, RSS feed or Google Friend Connect, leave another comment telling me that you are following. One more entry can be had by following me on Twitter @amymchodges, and be sure to leave a comment here. Oh, and these extra entries have to be in "pirate speak" too! Have fun and good luck!

**Giveaway is closed!**

And the winner is: um, let me see, Bradley Coxe! That quote truly deserves to win, Arrrgh

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

National Mom's Nite Out in Raleigh, North Carolina

Everyone likes to get away for a bit, don't they? Growing up in southeastern North Carolina a "quick getaway" usually meant a night or a weekend in Raleigh. There were always events (the State Fair, the Christmas Show and Parade, college football games) and the shopping was always better in a bigger city. Wilmington, my hometown, has grown, but Raleigh is still bigger and has the attraction of different shops and nightlife. I was thrilled to be invited by the Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitor's Bureau to attend National Mom's Nite Out last week.

Molly Gold of Go Mom worked with Ryan Smith of the Convention and Visitor's Bureau to put on a phenomenal event.

Solas Raleigh
We met at the beautiful Solas Raleigh Lounge. Solas has a restaurant, lounge, and a rooftop bar. The lounge was beautiful. It was the perfect setting for our gathering. There was a separate room set up as a mini salon run by Primp. You could have your nails done, hair styled, eyelashes and eyebrows, make-up, and chair massages.

party in full swing
We had wonderful food and a great cocktail concocted by the always fabulous Ilina Ewen. It was delicious and refreshing. The recipe was posted on Dirt and Noise as a part of Ilina's 5 O'clock Fridays series. I suggest you check it out, you will be buying ginger vodka before you know it!

I felt extremely tall
The Raleigh area has an amazing group of women who are involved in social media. I am always thrilled to be in their presence. To the left is Fadra Nally of All Things Fadra and she is moving soon but hopefully our paths will continue to cross. Erin Lane not only has a beautiful blog, she just had a beautiful baby six weeks ago! She looked so amazing, I'm not sure I was showering regularly six weeks after childbirth.

There were so many great women and we were treated to such a fun night out. There were a few other women who drove from out of town to attend Mom's Nite Out. We were treated to a night at the Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley. The Marriott is right next to Crabtree Valley Mall (GREAT shopping) but even better it is right next to the Container Store (one of my favorite stores EVER!) After a great night's sleep I drove back to Wilmington. It takes a little less than two hours down the interstate. As I drove, listening to my own music with no one to complain, I thought about how fun it was to get away for a night. Even though Wilmington has great restaurants and shopping now, there is something different and special about going out of town. Now I think I need to plan a little getaway to Raleigh with my husband!

The Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitor's Bureau provided a lovely experience at Mom's Nite Out and graciously provided a hotel room for me. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Population Explosion ~ My Not So Wordless Wednesday

A couple of weeks ago I posted a Wordless Wednesday about the new goslings. Then we went out of town for two weeks. Those geese grow very quickly.

even geese have an awkward stage

Sadly, nature had run its course and the family of seven goslings was down to five. But never fear, for while we were away, this family wandered up.

they have seven babies

We have NO IDEA where this little group was nesting. We try very hard to discourage them because the geese imprint with the place of their birth. It isn't a very big pond and we have so many geese now that think of it as home. The amount of goose poop in the pastures is ridiculous. When the geese produce more poop than the horses, you know you have a problem.
We reconciled ourselves to having two goose families this year. Then a couple of days ago my daughter said she thought she had seen another family. I thought she had to be mistaken, but...

new family
another family, this one with four goslings

This group had to have been in the woods nearby because these babies were brand new. We will have to come up with some new methods to discourage them next year but for now we will try to watch after them. You just cannot deny their cuteness.


And away we go

just here for the fish

Oh, and I think this guy is just here for the fish!