Thursday, May 17, 2012

#VlogMom Character Flaws

For this week's VlogMom, Tania from Pure Natural Diva asked us to share one of our character flaws, after all, everyone has them! As usual I break the rules a little bit. Be sure to check out the other Vlogmoms in the links below, or record your own video and add it to the mix!


Alissa said...

Always love your posts and I love the background here and the cat's tail.

I am uber-punctual and it's kind of a flaw. I rush my family out the door, telling them we are late and then we are always the first ones there. Perhaps if we could meet in the middle, we'd both be "on time".

Look forward to your vlog next week.

Kelly {Centsible Life} said...

I'm always late too-but I blame the kids! ;) I too get a rush from the deadline but find lately I need to be more prompt or it effects the way I interact with the family.

rajean said...

Amy, my list was long, hard to narrow to just one flaw, but fashionably late is one, for sure. And that is an improvement, I actually used to have my own 'time.' I agree, I think when I read that others deem this as being rude regarding 'their time,' is when it struck me. That was NOT my intent, at all. I simply try to cram too much in while getting ready to go. I fold that load of laundry so it doesn't sit in the dryer all day. I grab all my coupons so I will have them in case I need them while I'm out. I misplace my keys (or my kids do), I cut myself and need stitches on the way out the door. Well, you get the idea. Love your header, is that new?

all.things.fadra said...

Amy - I think you KNOW we see eye to eye on that punctuality thing. And I think procrastination just goes hand in hand with that trait (notice I didn't say flaw?)