Monday, August 16, 2010

A Few of my Favorite Disney Things

Today's vlog is about my favorite place in the world, Walt Disney World.  In it I mention the Walt Disney World Mom's Panel, for more information please go to the Mom's Panel website.  I also reference being able to find maps for Disney Parks in the hotels, but forgot to add that I meant the on-WDW-property hotels! (remind me not to vlog late at night!) Oh, and as usual, please forgive the scratching around of dog and cat feet! {and let's all just ignore the attack of adult acne going on!} 

Thanks for stopping by, more exciting things coming this week so check back!!


Megan said...

oh, my gosh .... the tikki glass is awesome! Excited to rub elbows with you at Type A. Love your new blog!

Virginia said...

You had me at "frequent instigator of fun"...I'm hooked. It looks like we might have a lot in common. Have a great day!