Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Walt Disney World Mom's Panel

Who loves Disney World?  I mean, REALLY loves Disney World?  You know who you are.  The minute you leave one vacation you are already planning the next, whether it's in six months or six years.  You know how to navigate all the parks but you still pick up a park map.  You know which rides are "Must-Do"s for your family.  You know that "Must-Do" is from the loop played on Disney resort televisions.  All you have to do is think about Tinkerbell flying from the castle and you are in tears.  You would ride Toy Story Midway Mania over and over again no matter how badly your hand cramped.  You have a Junior Jammitor sticker in your wallet. (I'm looking at you, Tyler){ok, I just got a new one too.}

I LOVE Disney World.  It is my happy place.  I cannot go there enough.  I love going with my family, either my husband and kids, just my husband or the whole clan. (All eighteen from my side of the family went several years ago. Eight adults and ten kids.  It was insanity, blissful insanity!)  I love going with my friends and showing them new stuff and learning what they love about the parks.  I particularly love going with people who have never been before.  Walt Disney World in Florida is so huge that it's difficult to adequately describe.  I love watching their faces when they see Main Street and the castle for the first time.  I had the great pleasure of being with my friend, Cheri, as she experienced Epcot for the first time this past weekend.

Yes, we went to Disney World in August, and yes, it was hot and crazy humid, but I promise we had a good reason.  Four years ago, Disney started the Walt Disney World Mom's Panel.  It's an online forum where anyone can ask trip planning questions and Disney Moms answer and give trip advice.  Disney did a search for Moms who love planning their (and everyone else's) Disney trips.  They had 10,000 people apply to be on the first panel in 2008.  I believe they started with 12 members and have increased as the demand has increased.  Every year they open up the search to find new members.  I think that last year they had close to 20,000 applicants.  It is a dream of mine to be on the Mom's Panel.  I have applied and will be applying this year.  The same group of Disney cast members (employees) that is responsible for the Mom's Panel also hosts the Mickey Mom's Club.  The Mickey Mom's Club had a dessert party and special viewing area to watch Illuminations, Epcot's nighttime spectacular on Sunday night.  My friend Cheri and I drove down to be there. 

Was it crazy to go to Florida for a short weekend for a dessert party?  Maybe to someone else, but to me, 1. um, it's DISNEY, and 2. what a great opportunity to meet some of the people who are living my dream!  I met several former and current Mom's Panel members, including some dads!  I was able to get a few minutes with Laura Spencer, Disney Princess in charge of the Mom's Panel, so I'll let her tell you about the Mickey Mom's Club.

Okay, so maybe I did some creative editing!  The truth is, out of 20,000 people someone WILL be chosen and maybe this is my year!  If you love Disney and are interested in applying, the Mom's Panel search will be starting September 13th.  I'll be hoping for some pixie dust for all of us applying!


Kaylene said...

Hi Amy, I enjoyed your post and video.

I'm Kaylene, a 2010 Member of the Disney World Moms Panel. I love your Disney passion and just wanted to wish you lots of luck and pixie dust in the upcoming Moms Panel application process. :)

Follow your dreams, Kaylene

Amy @amymchodges said...

Thank you so much Kaylene! One thing I love about the Mom's Panel is how supportive they are! Hope I get the opportunity to meet you!

Zanna said...

Was great to talk with you again Sunday night Amy! Love the video too - especially the "she's looking at me!" part! Best of luck this year!!

Amy @amymchodges said...

It's always great to see you Zanna! One thing I loved Sunday was how much more at ease you seemed, you have rocked this thing! And thanks, with so many applicants I can use all the luck I can find!

Unknown said...

What a fun video! I wish you lots of pixie dust in the application process. I think you will make a great Disney Moms Panel member :-) I'll be applying too and your video has me all excited!

Tiffany @ Eat at Home said...

It's me again, but I replied with the wrong google profile and felt anonymous. This should be better.

Kaylene said...

:) If you are planning a trip to WDW for the first weekend of the Food & Wine Festival (Oct. 1-3), you may have a chance to meet 30+ Moms Panelists. :) There will be a big Moms Panel Reunion that weekend. Hope to get the chance to meet you. :)

Anna said...

Good luck, Amy! Sending you an extra sprinkling of pixie dust that this is your year!

2009 Moms Panel

Amy @amymchodges said...

Tiffany, so glad you posted with your blog, it's beautiful!! Maybe it will be the year for both of us!! Kaylene, it would be great, but my dad has a surgery scheduled the first week of October so I will be helping my mom out. I'm sure you will all have a blast! ANNA, it was so good to see you! Hope you continue to improve every day, you look fantastic!! (scraping pixie dust into pouch to save for Sept!)

Real Life Sarah said...

GREAT interview, Amy!! I do think you have just about the most Disney enthusiasm of everyone I know!

How cool to see Laura on video, I want to meet her!!

ohAmanda said...

How fun! I loved your "she's looking at me"!! I hope you do get to join the Moms Panel fam! :)


Kim said...

Wishing you a pixie-dusted application. Loved the video. It was fun to see fellow Moms and a Dad as well as our esteemed leader Laura. I do believe she was looking at you, Amy!

2008 and 2009 WDW Moms Panel
Kimberly L