Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday ~ Top Ten Moments from my last Walt Disney World trip

Last weekend I was able to escape from my daily life for a getaway to Disney World with my husband.  Our primary reason for going was the D23 Flowers and Fireworks event which was incredible.   When I got home I helped proctor for the end of grade tests at my daughter's elementary school.  3 days later I came down with a terrible upper respiratory infection!  I share this just in case there is anything too bizarre in the video~I was editing under the influence of cough syrup.  I had a blast making it, but I am still figuring out the software options so I apologize if it's too crazy!  Big thanks to Amanda at www.ohamanda.com for hosting the Top Ten {Tuesday} every week.  Go to her site to find some other great top tens about all kinds of things!


oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

OK. That was SO fun!! And the first video Top Ten I've ever seen! I loved it!

What program did you do the editing? I thought it was great!

Amy @ Tshirt and Jeans Mom said...

Thanks Amanda!!

I had a blast putting it together. I got a MacBook a couple of months ago so I edited it in imovie. The software is surprisingly easy to use.

Thanks for hosting the Top Ten, always a fun way to blog!

The Plus Side! said...

Wow... that was great! How come I didn't know you got a MacBook? Sheesh! You're doing great things and I'm loving watching you grow as you do!