Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Disney World, Again?

And my delighted reply is, YEP!  I love Walt Disney World and thankfully my husband has acquired the same feeling.  We go whenever we can, which recently has been frequently.  We went last summer with the kids and had a great trip.  John and I were able to go for a quick trip for a D23- the community for Disney fans event at the Food and Wine Festival.  We returned over Halloween weekend (which is also my husband's birthday weekend!).  I thought we were done for a while, but then the opportunity for the Disney Social Media Moms event arose.  Who is going to turn that down? 

Now we, just my husband and I, are returning for another D23 event.  We have a great friend who stays with our kids.  How do we get away with leaving them at home?  This time it's simple.  The event we are attending is called "Flowers and Fireworks".  My kids do not appreciate fireworks.  I wish they did because I love fireworks so much, but we usually end up watching them outside the park.  They whined once when we told them we were going, but all it took was the mention of fireworks and they were fine.

The last D23 event we attended was amazing so I am looking forward to what this one is going to bring!  I will be trying to update so check back in if you want to hear about it!

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