Tuesday, February 21, 2012

HP Review ePrint Printer 3052a

Time is the most valuable currency. I am always looking for ways to save time. I was thrilled to review the new HP Deskjet 3052a printer with ePrint. With the ePrint feature you can print on your home printer from anywhere you have internet access. Like almost everyone else I know, I am rarely at home. I am at work or somewhere waiting on my kids, (carpool or athletics.) I try to use any of my waiting time to accomplish tasks from my phone or Ipad so I have more down time when I am at home. The HP ePrint feature helps me complete tasks when I am away from home. Check out my video review to see how helpful (and how much of a time-saver) I found the printer.

Like I said in the video, the HP Deskjet 3052a is available at your local Walmart and Walmart.com for $69.00. The ePrint feature has been a time saver for me. I liked this printer so much I'm buying one for my parents!

For more information, please visit Walmart.com/HPePrint