Friday, November 18, 2011

The Muppets Movie Review

It has been another crazy week so I was thrilled to escape last night and go see an early screening of The Muppets (even better that a good friend was able to join me!) It's no secret that I have been gleefully anticipating this movie since it was announced. I remember going to the first Muppet Movie. I was twelve years old when the first movie was released in the summer of 1979. I went to see the movie with our group from church at the Oleander Drive Cinema 3, which is now the IRS building. The Muppets have always had humor that ranged from clever, subtle jokes to the obvious~I'm looking at you Fozzie Bear! The success of the Muppets came not only because they were funny, but because all of their stories have heart. Somewhere in the Muppet saga you will always find a thread about sticking together and the importance of families.
The new movie focuses on the story of brothers Gary(Jason Segel) and Walter, and Gary's girlfriend Mary(Amy Adams.) I admit to being skeptical when I heard that Segel was co-starring and co-writing the movie(with Nicolas Stoller.) I have always found Segel funny, but wasn't sure he was a good fit for the Muppets. This is before I realized what a Muppet fan Segel is. In a quote provided by Walt Disney Pictures from Segel "it started when I was a kid. The Muppets were my first comic influence and I was in love with puppetry. I just thought it was an amazing art form." "All comedy writers are Muppet fans," adds Stoller. "It's the gateway to comedy." The script is fantastic and stays true to the Muppets philosophy. Segel also makes a great lead. He's earnest enough to pull it off. Amy Adams is charming and makes the most of her role in the movie. Chris Cooper is the perfect villain trying to destroy Muppet Studios. I don't want to give away too much of the plot but The Muppets did not disappoint this longtime fan. There are the classic cameos (not giving them away~even though I'm very tempted), classic songs (the Rainbow Connection makes me happy!), and great new songs. Bret McKenzie(HBO's Flight of the Conchords) wrote and produced three original songs for the movie including "Life's a Happy Song" and the awesome "Man or Muppet." The movie stayed true to the Muppet tradition while still growing to meet a new audience.
The Muppets is rated PG for mild, rude humor and is aimed at everyone from "8 to 80." The Muppets opens nationwide on November 23rd. I highly recommend it. Just in case you're wondering if I only like it because I've always like the Muppets? The friend I brought with me wasn't even born when the first movie came out and she loved it too. Go see it!

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