Saturday, July 23, 2011

Things I Like About Me

Almost two weeks ago, the lovely Elena of Ciao Mom wrote a beautiful post that inspired me. She wrote about claiming what you like about yourself. If you're like me, it's too easy to focus on the things you don't like about yourself. It is easy to come up with a list of the negatives. Listing the good things is so much harder. I hear my own voice challenging what I like about myself. I hear the naysayers in my life wondering why on earth I think I'm good at anything. And that's where it would be easy to end this post and leave it in draft forever. Except. I am good at some things. There are some things I like about myself.
In no particular order:

  1. I like my voice. I don't have a thick southern accent even though I was born and raised here. I have a slight drawl but it's very neutral. I particularly like when someone gives me a microphone. I get nervous as heck in front of crowds but I love to talk on a microphone.
  2. I like that you don't have to guess how I'm feeling. You will either know because I'm kind of transparent, or if you ask me I will tell you. 
  3. I love my relationship with God. I love to talk about faith.
  4. I like my sense of humor. I absolutely love to laugh.
  5. I like my feet. True story. I make an awesome footprint in the sand, just like clip art.
Photo by Amy Hodges
         6.  I like my ability to remember completely random information. If 
              there's a trivia contest, you want me on your team. Trust me.
         7.  I love that I am completely willing to be goofy. I know that this
              sometimes leads to less than flattering photographs of me, but
              they're usually fun! 

    photo by Sarah Pinnix of Real Life Blog of me, Jenn of  Super Jenn, and Sarah
          8.  I like that I love to learn.
          9.  I like that I'm a leader. I'm not usually the one up in front. I'm the
               one behind the scenes taking care of details and making sure 
               everyone is getting what they need. I love that role and I'm good
               at it. 
          10. I love that I will talk to anyone.
          11. I like that I am an excellent baker. I make the most amazing sugar
                cookies and can bake a cake like nobody's business. 
      So I came up with eleven and that's one more than I thought I would be able to. As I was writing I kept thinking about Jesus saying "love your neighbor as yourself." It's so much easier to love others than to love ourselves but that is an important piece of that commandment. I am grateful to be reminded that I need to love myself too.
      Thank you Elena for the inspiration and for continuing this important movement. I encourage you all to check out Just.Be.Enough.


      Carolina Mama said...

      This is beautiful Amy! And you are one talented Lady! I love the saying of Jesus at the end. God Bless! xo

      Elena Sonnino said...

      I love you so for writing this! What a fantastic list...with so many fabulous things about you. xoxo

      Angie@Mamainsomnia said...

      We should play trivia together someday!

      Just Jennifer said...

      I did one of these posts as well, and it is difficult. Are you sugar cookies soft or crispy? I like soft.

      Megan said...

      I love your list!!!

      Is it creepy to say that your feet ARE awesome? {laugh}

      It's totally true that most of us love on eachother and beat ourselves up in the same sentence. Craziness. I'm encouraged to break the cycle.

      Amy @amymchodges said...

      Thank you friends! Right back atcha Malise! Elena, I'm not sure I can thank you enough for reminding us to focus on the good. Angie, anytime! and Jennifer, soft and delightful. I'll be sharing the sugar cookie recipe before long. and Megan, not creepy at all. Love you and love your heart!

      Ashley @MamaOfAllTrades said...

      I love trivia games. We would dominate. ;) Such a great list, Amy! You are amazing.

      Stacey Nerdin @ Tree, Root, and Twig said...

      What a fantastic post! Every little bit I learn about you just makes me love you more! I look forward to the next opportunity we have to spend some time together. :)

      Amy @amymchodges said...

      Ashley, we were just watching Cash Cab tonight and my kids were trying to figure out how I knew most of the answers. I love that I can still impress them! Would love to be a trivia team with you any day!!
      Stacey, you are such a delight. I always smile when you swim through my twitter or facebook stream, thank you for stopping by here! & I hope I see you soon(and I promise to let you get a real break next time;-)

      Erin Lane said...

      Totally love this! And I totally want to play trivia with you sometime (and eat cookies!)

      Tiffany (Snarky Momma) said...

      Hee, I also have that ability to remember random things! But it detracts from my ability to remember things like, oh, what color my son wore to school if someone were to happen to ask me. :-\