Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ugh, Uggs are Ugly

I know they're ugly.  I had written them off the first time they came around, so their resurgence a couple of years ago didn't bother me too much.  I did like my young friend Bryce's Carolina blue ones, even though I'm a fan of NC State.  But they're ugly.  and clunky.  and they look like they would be hot (my feet are always hot.)  and my size 9 feet don't need to look any bigger.  AND they're expensive. Nope, no Uggs for me, no way, no how.

And then someone bought me a pair.  Holy soft warm insoles Batman!  The seductive lure of these soft, warm, comfy boots during one of our coldest yuckiest winters on record was irresistible. I have restricted them to mostly at home wear.  My feet were not happy with that decision and have snuck the uggs out for morning drop-off at school and a couple of breakfast dates.  I even debated about taking them on my recent trip to Disney World.  Florida, right?  My feet were so grateful for those boots after long days at meetings and ventures to the parks.  (not to mention the unseasonably cool weather that week, too).

So no, Uggs had nothing to do with this post.  No product provided or review requested.  My toes are just so happy I felt compelled to write and tell you how they wore down my resistance.  My suggestion, get a pair.  My better suggestion, find someone to buy you a pair.  Your toes will thank you!

Thanks to Linda Sellers at www.lindasellers.com for sharing her great buttons!

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Betty W said...

Oh my gosh, Amy. I'm right there with you on this Ugg thing. . or rather my feet are. Yes, they're ugly. Yes, they are expensive. Yes, I too thought they were just a fad. But. . .I can't take them off. I wear them with jeans AND nightgowns. I forget I have them on and I'm sad when I have to take them off. I'm VERY sad because I can't wear them to work! I can't wait to get home to put them on! In fact, it's quittin' time and my Uggs are callin. See ya girl.