Sunday, November 16, 2008

I already have to add something.
I didn't like that we split the vote on the pastors' resignations.
My feeling was that it split the congregation further.
And then I thought about it some more.
I still don't like it. BUT, it's possible that splitting the vote allowed some people to feel like they were heard, and that is good.
more later as I start to think clearer...


Rachel said...

Amy, I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. I am sure you are the one so many are coming to to talk about it, and you are trying to listen and be there for them while needing someone to listen and be there for you. I'm here, and I love you. Know that your family, your church and you, my friend, are in my thoughts and prayers. You can call me anytime, 585-576-9362.

Scottie said...

i am calling it "black sunday"...a sad day for my church...the little chapel with the broken heart:-(